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Essential Oil Bundle
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Skaxi Basics Humidifier is designed to look elegant but with high performance and easy to use. It uses ultrasonic vibration to produce cool mist. The size is compact but is able to store 220ml of water for 5 hours of operation. To use essential oil with the humidifier, drop 5-7 drops of essential oil on 90% water.

Bundle deal with 100% Natural Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.

* One Months Warranty - We are offering 1 month warranty on this product for any manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover defects cause by improper usage and normal wear & tear.
* Double Packaging - as the product is fragile, we package it in two carton boxes to provide protection. As we are located in NCR, the package is delivered fast with less logistics handling.
* Skaxi Basics Humidifier stores 200ml water. The humidifier can operate for 5 hours w/o refilling.
* USB Charging (Micro USB) provides convenience & portability. It can be charged with powerbank, phone charger, or laptop.
* Skaxi Basics Humidifier comes with night led feature. This can be turned on / off by long pressing the button for 2 seconds.
* Skaxi Basics Humidifier automatically turns off after 3.5 hours of usage. This can be turned on again by pressing the button.
* To use with essential oil, drop 5-7 drops of essential oil on 90% water.
* This product is certified by FCC, CE, RoHS.

Directions for First Usage:
1. Open the lid
2. Fill with water (about 90%)
3. Close the lid
4. Soak for 3-5 minutes for first time use
5. Short press the button for continuous spray mode
6. Short press the button again for intermittent spray mode
7. Night Light: Long press the button for 2 seconds to turn on / off the night light

Whats Included:
* Skaxi Basics Humidifier
* 2 piece Filter Sticks
* USB Cable

1. After pressing the button, the lights blink and it turned off. Where is the mist?
This could be due to pressing the button too long. Short press the button instead.

2. Short pressing the button, there is light but no mist is coming out?
For first time use, after filling it with water and closing the lid, let it soak for 3-5 minutes before starting it.

3. I am using it with essential oil, anything I must take note?
Add 5-7 drops of essential oil on 90% filled water. After closing the lid, swirl the diffuser lightly to evenly distribute the oil into the water.

4. I am using different essential oil from time to time, how should I use this?
When changing essential oil, make sure to clean the bottom half of the humidifier with soap . For the top half, remove the filter stick and wash it with water. Press it gently to squeeze out the water. Let it dry.

5. After awhile I don't smell the essential oil. Why?
This is due to olfactory fatigue. This happens when you keep smelling the same scent for over a period of time.

6. I can only smell a faint scent of essential oil. Why?
As this is a humidifier and not a pure essential oil diffuser, the scent is diluted with the water molecules.


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